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TransEvolution: Homo predator, not Homo superior
In TransEvolution, Daniel Estulin crafts a cogent and frightening scenario for the end of Homo sapiens, as new technologies enable genetic changes, bionic replacements and artificial, nanosized neural connections.

How Obama-Monsanto’s Food Act Destroys Small Farms
8 Feb. 2014 On par with Stalin’s farm collectivization program of the 1930s, Monsanto’s push for the Food Safety Modernization Act is already achieving the nightmares of its worst critics.

19 EU States reject GMO corn; Council approves anyway
17 Feb. 2014 The European Commission approved Dupont’s TC1507 insecticidal corn for cultivation, despite that 19 nations rejected it.

Medicinal ginger for health and garden
2 March 2014 One of the world’s most potent disease-fighting spices, ginger, is easy to grow

Wait, Wait: Ohio law against lies meets 1st Amendment
7 March 2014 Is a Supreme Court brief ever gut-splitting funny? It is when satirist P. J. O’Rourke writes it.

I Am Steve Marsh: Global organic protection campaign faces trial
5 Feb 2014 Marsh’s organic canola fields in Western Australia suffered 70% genetic contamination from a neighboring biotech farm that sowed Monsanto seeds. As a result, he lost organic certification after 11 years, and his livelihood was destroyed, and now he’s suing the farmer.

Selling the public on teratogenic wars: ‘deceptions2’ a lesson in war propaganda
4 Feb 2014 Under 30 minutes, deceptions 2 is Chris Pratt’s follow-up to his popular full-length documentary from 2010, this time focusing on the use of public relations firms to manipulate the public into supporting foreign toxic wars of aggression.


Watch The Beautiful Truth
30 Dec. 2012 Written and Directed by Steve Kroschel
Featuring Charlotte Gerson, Jay Kordich, Garrett Kroschel, Joyce Riley…
2008, 92 mins. Compelling and potent, this 2008 docufilm celebrates how far we’ve come in taking back our food supply, and even acknowledges the reality that no one can verify an electronic vote count.

Big Dairy wants to medicate our milk
23 Dec. 2013 The Ontario Dairy Council shared in funding a study showing that the anti-cancer properties of green tea can survive in a milk medium.

New COOL Rules will boost local meat economies
20 Dec. 2013 Country of Origin Labels may seem an obscure food issue, but they go to the heart of food freedom and food sovereignty.

Brazil delays approving terminator seed ’till Feb. 2014
20 Dec. 2013 Brazil’s Judicial Commission has tabled a bill allowing for genetically modified terminator seeds until Feb. 2014, by which time other pressures will come to bear.

War on Syria begins with mass vaccination program
14 Dec. 2013 Before the first official bomb lands on Syria, the New World Order plans to vaccinate 2.2 million Syrian children under the age of five, reportedly to protect against polio.

‘NSAssociate Google’ censors CLG on Fukushima radiation
9 Dec. 2013 Google has been censoring news link emails from Citizens for Legitimate Government, the latest one relating to Fukushima radiation.

Look Up! film and mobile app a call to action on chemtrails
27 Nov. 2013 New tech allows people to report airborne spraying operations, while a French lab finds toxic chemicals in airborne filaments.

TPP’s Intellectual Property section also boosts GMO and drug monopolies
20 Nov. 2013 If you think the Monsanto Protection Act is bad, watch out for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a multilateral trade agreement which subverts national sovereignty and forces trade in genetically modified products.

Dutchsinse video prompts Filipino scientist to deny geophysics and HAARP technology
15 Nov. 2013 A weather watcher showed how microwave pulses preceded the world’s most destructive typhoon, prompting a government disinfo campaign.

IPCC warns policymakers not to stop ‘solar radiation management’
10 Nov. 2013 “If SRM were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly,” warns the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

A libertarian farmer’s take on GMO labels (full speech)
8 Nov. 2013 A fundraiser pitting food icons Dr Joe Mercola and farmer Joel Salatin got unexpectedly heated when debating federal involvement in food commerce.

Washington’s GMO food label initiative reportedly fails to pass 55-45%
5 Nov. 2013 Though 95% of the public wants GMO foods labeled, another state election says otherwise.

Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare
3 Nov. 2013 The latest climate change Assessment Report maintains its silence on US capabilities in modifying the climate and inducing geophysical events, despite decades of development. Reviews Hack the Planet (Eli Kintisch) and Weather Warfare (Jerry Smith).

Reefer madness grips bureaucrats
26 Oct. 2013 As voters decriminalize pot, bureaucrats are impeding the new business.

How the Brix Score reduces your food bill
24 Oct. 2013 The higher the nutrient density, the less food you need. Here’s a simple test.

Girl Scouts and Girl Guides take on GMO cookies
18 Oct. 2013 Girls from Girl Scouts USA and Girl Guides Canada who oppose genetically modified foods are petitioning their organizations to sell GMO-free cookies.

Canada bans small weed ops for ‘enormous’ profits
13 Oct. 2013 Medical marijuana patients in Canada can expect a 50-100% increase in the cost of medication next year, all so that large commercial interests can monopolize the habilitative herb.

Great Shake Out: Earthquake Preparedness
29 Sep. 2013 Whether you want to practice with the feds or your own private community, earthquake preparedness training is essential.

FDA to hold first public hearing on GM babies
17 Sep. 2013 The US and UK are considering regulating genetically modified human babies, where the engineered DNA is passed on generationally, thus changing the human genome.

Monsanto’s GM alfalfa contaminates Washington crops
12 Sep. 2013 An eastern Washington field has been contaminated with Roundup Ready alfalfa, the state Ag Department confirmed. The farmer reports he did not plant it, nor wants it.

Monsanto faces another Supreme Court challenge
12 Sep. 2013 The latest group to challenge Monsanto’s practice of suing farmers when their fields become genetically contaminated is heading to the US Supreme Court.

EPA okays BPA, disses public’s right-to-know
11 Sep. 2013 The public is on its own to protect itself from known and unknown chemical hazards, now that the EPA is backing down.

Pesticide-Superweed Treadmill Hot Topic at Chemists Convention
9 Sep. 2013 Life is worse thru chemistry, we find, but chemists can only come up with chemical solutions.

One in seven hungry in US as Obama preps for more war
8 Sep. 2013 The number of starving US citizens during Obama’s terms in office is a whopping one in seven, worse than the global average of one in eight. He continues to pour several hundred billion dollars into the Middle East war theater.

Nanotech Food Test May Expose Chemtrail Poisoning
25 Aug. 2013 A new method to detect silver nanoparticles in fresh produce and other food products could be modified to test for chemtrail dispersants, as well.

Orwellian Smart Grid Exposé to air Sept. 5
14 Aug. 2013 Years in the making, this new documentary about the Smart Grid reveals it’s all about surveillance, with a host of deleterious health effects. Steps can be taken to protect yourself.

Is Obama’s War on Weed Coming to an End?
13 Aug. 2013 Under Obama’s new “compassionate release” program, we can begin to empty our overcrowded prisons. But he has much more to do in order to stop filling them up under mandatory minimum sentencing.

Monsanto can still sue farmers for GMO contamination event
10 Aug. 2013 While it’s absurd that Monsanto sues farmers whose crops it contaminates, now the courts have stymied that ability if only 1% of the field is affected.

Botanical arsenal: How to survive and thrive in drylands
8 Aug. 2013 Alternative Crops for Drylands: Proactively Adapting to Climate Change and Water Shortages, by Scott O’Bar, delves into Earth’s smorgasbord of under-appreciated edible plants that evolved in often-waterless regions.

July 4th reprieve for Bradley Manning after prosecution rests
3 July 2013 A brief overview of the whistleblower case and actions you can take to support freedom of speech and government accountability.

Ecowarriors destroy 6,000 GM beets in Oregon
23 June 2013 To protect against genetic contamination, a group of ecodefenders destroyed 6,000 GMO beets in Jackson County, Oregon earlier this month.


All-Time Darwin Award: The Nuclear Industry
18 Oct 2012 Gar Smith’s Nuclear Roulette: The Truth about the Most Dangerous Energy Source on Earth is a 14-point condemnation of President Eisenhower’s “peaceful atom,” an exposé of official and corporate lies, and a multi-pronged platform of alternatives.

Comprehensive Survival Food Storage Guide
17 Oct 2012 Survival food storage practice doesn’t require Mormon membership, but the tradition, wrought from their first Utah winter, is worth emulating should disaster strike or technology fail, two survival books by Mat Stein.

New Orleans is braced for Isaac
28 Aug 2012 New Orleans has battened down the hatches, filled the gas tanks, and stocked up on survival items. Prepping for a hurricane is made easy when working with survivors.

Survival tips for the urbanite: Part 1 – Nuclear Radiation
July 30, 2012 Disaster migrants and the homeless can both learn from prepper wisdom, since many of the same principles apply.

Big Pharma wants nano-scavengers in its drugs
29 June 2012 To clean up its drugs that are contaminated with genotoxic ingredients (which are also carcinogenic), Big Pharma may deploy lab-created, nanosized, polymer-based scavengers. But is the cure any safer?

Label GMOs T-Shirt 100% Organic
29 June 2012 Food Freedom News is now taking pre-orders for Ladies and Men’s pre-shrunk, 100% certified organic cotton Tees for $25 each.

US Senate votes against GMO food labels 73-26
23 June 2012 In a clear move against 90% of the American public, the US Senate has voted 73-26 against labeling genetically modified foods. Meanwhile, the second most populous nation in the world – India, with over 1.2 billion people – will begin labeling foods that contain GMOs.

U2, Bono? Celeb partners with Monsanto, G8, to biowreck African farms with GMOs
May 29, 2012 Obama met with private industry and African heads of state to launch genetically modified crops and toxic agrochemicals aimed at making poor farmers debt slaves to corporations, while destroying the ecosphere for profit. And Bono, of the rock group U2, is out shilling for Monsanto on this one.

Georgia’s poultry CAFOs extreme case in cruelty, eco-hazards; but alternatives abound
May 26, 2012 A new report provides a history of poultry feedlots and their impact on animal welfare, the environment, human health, and workers and producers. It also looks at laws that discriminate against pastured poultry, and offers healthy and more humane alternatives to factory farming in poultry operations.

FDA okays GMO carrot for rare Gaucher disease
May 22, 2012 The FDA just approved a drug made from genetically modified carrots to treat Gaucher, a rare disease found mostly among Ashkenazi Jews. It’s so rare, in fact, that to approve a GMO carrot for this purpose makes no sense, raising the specter of some unstated plan.

New study: Amish prove raw milk promotes health in children
May 9, 2010 Researchers recently confirmed that children who drink fresh milk – unprocessed and unpasteurized – have a better immune response to allergens and are far less likely to develop asthma.

California public to vote on GMO Label Act; Biotech lies begin
May 3, 2012 Stroller-pushing mothers delivered nearly a million signatures in Sacramento on Wednesday, for an initiative requiring GMO foods to be labeled.

New Orleans InfoWars video entry: Chemtrails, GMOs & Transgenics
May 2, 2012 In this 10-minute entry into Alex Jones’ wildly popular video news contest, info-warriors gathered in New Orleans to discuss the transgenic agenda.

Another way to kill US farmers: Seize their bank accounts on phony charges
April 23, 2012 Obama’s DOJ is using terrorist legislation to shut down honest farmers.

TX scalar square, HAARP ring precede tornado outbreak
April 4, 2012 On 2 April 2012, Dutch Sinse uploaded a video capture of odd weather patterns …

Raw milk dispensers a boon for small biz farmers
March 18, 2012 With some creative thinking, French dairy farmer Michel Cantaloube bought a couple raw milk vending machines…

France bans GM corn amid mass US protests against Monsanto
March 17, 2012 Amid mass US protests against Monsanto yesterday, France imposed a temporary moratorium on the planting …

Occupy WalMart: Don’t sell GM corn
March 15, 2012 In addition to the global Occupy Monsanto action on March 16-17, organizers are asking …

Bug docs warn EPA that non-GMO corn best solution to insect resistance
12March2012 Two dozen corn entomologists wrote the US Environmental Protection Agency warning that insect resistance to genetically modified corn can be halted by planting non-GMO seed.

Blue zones: Longevity tips and tricks
12March2012 Dan Buettner shares nine common diet and lifestyle habits that keep them spry past age 100. Gardening is one of them.

Monsanto-FDA’s Michael Taylor to Keynote Food Safety Town Hall
12Mar2012 An agtivist with chutzpa might want to perform an action at the Food Safety Summit where Monsanto-lobbyist-now-Obama’s-Food-Safety-Czar, Michael R. Taylor, plans to wax tyrannical at a Town Hall on April 19.

European Union approves 11 new transgenic crops in 8 months
12Mar2012 In February, the European Commission (EC) approved four transgenic soybeans intended for food and feed, following four approvals in December and three last summer.

9/11 Foreknowledge Caught on Computers that Measure Global Mind
27Feb2012 Fascinating research into a “global mind” picked up startling data in the days and hours before the 9/11 attacks, indicating widespread foreknowledge.

Jungle fungus eats plastic, beats cancer
6Feb2012 Researchers have found the first endophytic fungus that eats plastic, and can use it as its sole food source even in an oxygen-free environment.

Monsanto-funded legislators suppress GMO-label bills
2Feb2012 GMO-label bills stall in committee in Washington and Kentucky

CDC calls Morgellons’ nanoworms a delusion, protects DARPA
30Jan2012 After spending four years and $600,000, the CDC says, I don’t know and you’re crazy, in a 300-word study published last week.

Giuliani on WTC7 questions: Get a haircut, take a shower
28Jan2012 9/11 insider Rudy Giuliani would rather toss insults than answer legitimate questions about Building 7.

Confessions of a Lukewarmist
27Jan2012 The Wall Street Journal published a letter from 16 scientists who question global warming, propelling my shift from ardent warmist to lukewarmist, to, eventually, full blown skeptic.

EU signs ACTA, global internet censorship treaty
26Jan2012 EU joins ACTA treaty, defying the Magna Carta.

Walnuts for prostate cancer, osteoporosis and CHD
25Jan2012 Another study shows how good whole, unprocessed walnuts are for us; reducing cancer tumors and lowering LDL-cholesterol.

Washington State to hold public hearings on GMO label bills
22Jan2012 Washington residents move to require genetically modified foods be labeled, while California gets ready for a petition drive.

PIPA vote stalled while US censorship still grows
21Jan2011 Online censorship stalls after massive online blackout protest. Books by Project Censored and Global Research break the wall of silence on important news.

Thyroid cancer, fracking and nuclear power
17Jan2011 Thyroid cancer cases have more than doubled since 1997 in the U.S., while deadly industrial practices that contaminate groundwater with radiation and other carcinogens are also rising.

FDA sued over lack of Nanotech oversight, labels
5Jan2012 The first ever lawsuit concerning risks of nanotechnology was filed in federal court last month.

Again, hundreds of Beebe birds die despite fireworks ban
1Jan2012 Another Arkansas mass bird kill, while MSM keeps promoting the fireworks myth.


Food Freedom 2011 Annual Report
31Dec2011 provided some year-end stats, making my job of reporting to you, the reader, a little easier.

Multidrug-resistant meat contaminations spoil holiday meals; prompt recalls
23Dec2011 Tyson recalls 41,000 pounds of ground beef; Hannaford Stores nearly all.

Frito-Lay sued for labeling its GMO-filled snacks as “All Natural”
20Dec2011 Frito-Lay was sued last week in federal court for fraudulently marketing snacks as “all natural” but that contain genetically modified ingredients.

Stocking stuffers for foodies (5-book review)
Need a last minute gift for your beloved locavore? Here’s my review of five books that would make excellent holiday gifts.

Homemade holiday wreaths
12Dec2011 It’s not too late to uber-create your holiday wreath… here are some ideas from around the web.

Nov. 24 Suffolk Co. NY to hear proposal to ban chemtrails
On Dec. 6, New York’s Suffolk County government will hold a public hearing on a proposal to ban aerial spraying of aluminum oxide, barium, sulfur, and other salts into the air over the county without first filing an Environmental Impact Statement with and receiving approval from the county’s Department of Health Services, Division of Environmental Quality.

Nov. 22 CA recalls raw milk that tested clean; targets agtivist Mark McAfee
The California Dept of Food and Agriculture recalled raw milk products from Organic Pastures Dairy Co., after five children became ill and admitted to drinking raw milk from OPDC. Tests confirmed, however, that all OPDC’s products are free of pathogens.

Nov. 21 Global milk war ramps up as citizens face off with regulators
Citizens assert their right to raw dairy products unadulterated by drugs and genetically modified ingredients – in the face of authorities seeking to restrict our food choices and to criminalize entrepreneurs who operate outside the monopolized factory food system.

Nov. 8 The Feds Knew: 50 years of fracking-induced earthquakes
The US federal government has long known of the link between fracking and earthquakes, as well as the link between deep well fluids contaminating shallow drinking wells.

Oct. 28 Jailbirds add life to UK prison famous for torturing suffragists
The British Hen Welfare Trust re-homed 20 commercial hens at HM Prison Holloway, as part of the staff’s garden program offering educational and therapeutic projects to its women inmates. This is a far cry from the days when Holloway imprisoned women for agitating for the right to vote, and

Oct. 24 BP gets new Gulf oil drilling permit amid 28,000 unmonitored abandoned wells
Destroying the planet for profit continues unabated.

1 vs. 99: Keystone XL seizes private US land for oil to China
Oct. 22 Canadian oil firm sues to seize US land for Keystone XL oil headed to China

‘No Food Rights’ Judge quits to work for Monsanto law firm
Oct. 11, 2011 The Wisconsin judge who recently ruled that we have no right to own a cow or drink its milk resigned to join one of Monsanto’s law firms.

Occupy Wall Street protesters sue New York City
Oct. 5, 2011 After the NYPD arrested over 700 protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge last Saturday, six of those arrested filed a class action lawsuit on Oct. 4, alleging constitutional violations for intentional entrapment and false arrest.

Chemtrail article in Project Censored’s Top 10 most censored stories
Sept. 29, 2011 In Project Censored’s 2012 book edition, my article, “Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails,” ranks as the 9th most censored story in the United States.

Meghalaya’s Bio-Bridges: Sustainable, resilient architecture
Sept. 28, 2011 For the past 500 years, this Indian matriculture has dealt with monsoons by building natural bridges made of living trees.

Activist Post Interrupted
Sep 25, 2011 Without explanation, on Friday, Sept. 23, Google took down the popular site, as well as their back-up site, also located on

Santa Cruz adopts food freedom resolution supporting private herd shares
Sept. 22, 2011 California’s Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a “Resolution Recognizing the Rights of Individuals to Grow and Consume Their Own Food and to Enter into Private Contracts with Other Individuals to Board Animals for Food.”

Who is Georgia protecting by killing Troy Davis?
Sept. 20, 2011 With so many holes in the case, and with so many global leaders calling for clemency, who is the state protecting by executing Troy Davis?

Ethnic cleansing as Irish gypsies face forced eviction from UK’s Dale Farm
Sept. 19 Nearly 400 people face armed eviction from their own land in the UK due to zoning violations. A last minute injunction stopped today’s eviction in this ten-year-old battle.

Will Allen’s Growing Power gets a million from slaver Wal-Mart
Sept. 18, 2011 Urban farming revolutionary Will Allen just accepted a cool million from the Wal-Mart billionaires, sacrificing ethics for dollars.

WWF beds with Monsanto to steal public lands, promote GM crops
Sept. 14, 2011 The Silence of the Pandas exposes the World Wildlife Fund’s connection to Monsanto.

Beyond Protest: Saving our planet with ‘Deep Green Resistance’
Sept. 12 From what makes an effective resister to effective resistance strategies, Deep Green Resistance lays out the reasons for and methods of bringing down industrial civilization.  The goal is saving the biosphere, and with it, Homo sapiens.

EU Court rules on GMO contamination; opens door to biotech liability
Sept. 6, 2011  EU beekeepers gain in case against GMO contamination. Monsanto’s GM corn approval did not extend to pollen.

The Crime of the Patriot Act, 9/11 and a Whistleblower’s Truth
Aug. 30, 2011  Susan Lindauer’s piece of the 9/11 puzzle adds more evidence to support the charge of criminal negligence at the command level and exposes the utter depravity of the Patriot Act.

Glyphosate pollutes air, rain and rivers in US
Aug. 29, 2011 Two new USGS studies reveal the pervasive spread of the biocide, glyphosate, mostly used as a weedkiller for crops genetically engineered to resist it.

Inspection finds of dreaded Khapra beetle increase 20-fold this year
Aug. 25, 2011  Ag inspectors have found the Khapra beetle, “one of the top 100 most-feared pests in the world,” over 100 times this year in personal belongings and commercial imports.  Normally, the beetle is only found 3-6 times a year.

Monsanto GM Corn in Peril: Beetle develops Bt-resistance
Aug. 24,2011  Nature herself may be the best opponent of genetically modified crops and pesticides.  Not only plants, but insects are also developing resistance.

Million dollars not enough for brutal police slaying of Kelly Thomas, says family
Aug. 22, 2011 Caught on video, six Fullerton, CA cops killed a homeless man on July 5, 2011.

Australia gov seeks public comment on legalizing raw milk products and GMOs
Aug. 20, 2011 FSANZ may allow raw cheese, and is allowing GMOs.

Cops kill 3 as farmers protest water project, land seizure near Mumbai
August 17, 2011 Globalization takes a murderous turn asIndia’s farmers protest land seizure, water pollution.

Factory Foods Cause 70 pct of all foodborne illnesses; Dairy safest
August 15, 2011  Factory foods cause 70% of all foodborne illnesses, and dairy foods are the safest. But you wouldn’t know that from all the milk raids.

Agrochemicals, energy plants and GMO crops killing Bathinda residents
August 11, 2011 As the health of urbanites and farmers continues to decline inPunjab,India, regulators continue to deny the link to industry.

Milk War driven not by ‘Nanny State’ but Josef Mengele
August 10, 2011  By criminalizing healthy food and subsidizing toxic food, food “safety” authorities are experimenting on us without our consent.

Permaculture ends meat-vegan debate, promotes anarchy
August 6, 2011  Animals are a necessary part of any truly sustainable farming system, as these two books show, and humans will never stop eating – or needing – them.

FDA Goons and the Second Amendment
August 4, 2011 If we don’t stand up to tyranny, we will kneel before it.

Rawesome Raided Again! Farmers and private food club owner arrested for selling fresh milk
August 3, 2011  FDA ramps up its attack on fresh foods sold in private buying clubs, violating our right to eat the foods of our choice from the producers of our choice.

9 of Quartzsite’s 14 cops suspended after blowing whistle on Chief; Governor Ignores
July 26, 2011 In some U.S. cities, lawmakers and police are above the law, unless citizens and whistle-blower cops have their way.

First-ever National Heirloom Exposition in CA this September
July 21, 2011 Over 250 vendors, 60 speakers and tons of real heirloom food, contests, films and much more.

Massachusetts considers allowing unvaccinated kids in public school
July 20, 2011 Rep. John Keenan of Salem, Massachusetts introduced a bill to allow students not immunized to be admitted to schools upon the written request of a parent. After all, if vaccines are effective, then those who take them are protected from those who don’t.

Ontario Cops Gone Wild: False arrests, beatings, and naked detentions
July 18, 2011 Ontario police have a penchant for brutality, sexual assault and false arrest, the latest example exposed during a civil lawsuit filed last month.

Uncle Sam Food History Exhibit Promotes Food Control
June 30, 2011 Though painting Uncle Sam as Mrs. Doubtfire, when it comes to the results of government intrusion in the food supply, he’s more like Joseph Mengele.

GM crop saboteurs go free in France
June 29, 2011 A French court acquits a group of destroying Monsanto’s GM corn crop, because the wrong charges were brought against them.

Big Dairy milk sickens 18 kids in Wisconsin
June 28, 2011 When 18 people, mostly kids, were “poisoned” by raw milk served at a school in Wisconsin earlier this month, GMO-milk fans became outraged. At least, until they learned it was unpasteurized milk from a pus-producing commercial dairy plant.

Protective flood berm collapses at Ft Calhoun nuclear plant; KSU has radioactive leak
June 27, 2011 All is well, though, according to the NRC.

Controversial ag spending bill kills local food systems, promotes meat monopoly
June 22, 2011 On top of deep cuts to domestic food programs, threatening food banks, low-income seniors, women and children, farmers markets, and local food system programs, HR 2112 also defunds GIPSA rules that prevent unfair trade in the meat industry.

Midwest Floods: Both Nebraska Nuke Stations Threatened
June 15, 2011 About five million acres in the US cornbelt have flooded, which will spike the cost of gas and food, but worse, several nuclear power plants sit within the flooded plains. And one of them is submerged.

Jack Kevorkian’s call to defeat the cacocracy
June 8, 2011 Dr. Jack Kevorkian passed away on June 3, at the age of 83. His compassionate and common sense approach to ending human suffering is but one facet of his decades-long advocacy of the Ninth Amendment.

Chemtrail Health and Eco Impacts Prompt Lawsuit
June 3, 2011 A California attorney will file suit to stop chemtrails, given their eco-impacts and deleterious health effects.

GM foods cannot be linked to falling US birth rate
June 2, 2011 Though spermicidal corn has been developed and likely deployed, falling US birth rates cannot yet be linked to GM foods. Falling birth rates are more dramatic before GM foods.

June 2 protest planned for USDA $90K rabbit fine
May 31, 2011 The USDA’s attack on Judy and John Dollarhite of Nixa, Mo. sparks protest against government intrusion “into every aspect of our lives.”

Investigators Wanted to Document Chemtrails
May 29, 2011 G. Edward Griffin is organizing a systematic method of documenting aerial applications of toxic materials, calling for 50-100 volunteers to collect specific info and record it on a prepared template over the next month.

Amid bloody repression, Zelayas returns to Honduras
May 28, 2011 Manuel Zelaya returned to Honduras today after a deal brokered by Venezuela and Colombia.

WHO caves: Allows smallpox stockpiling for three more years
May 25, 2011 Once again, the World Health Assembly failed to set a deadline for the destruction of smallpox samples, delaying discussion for another three years.

Tree of Liberty thirsts as Patriot Act moves toward another renewal
May 25, 2011 Senator Harry Reid blocked efforts to reform the Patriot Act today by leading the effort to table any amendments.

Double Moon and Double Sun: Are chemtrails to blame?
May 25, 2011 On May 19, 2011, Ft. Lauderdale had a double moon. Has industry and the military degraded our atmosphere so much that these illusions are becoming common?

My Farmer! My Food! My Choice! Videos from the D.C. Rally for Food & Farm Freedom
May 18, 2011 On top of the videos produced below, the D.C. rally on Monday for food and farm freedom captured the fancy of corporate media who playfully reported on the event.

More problems with glyphosate: Rice growers sound alarm
May 16, 2011 Aerial drift of Monsanto’s Roundup is destroying the natural rice industry, while recent videos provide more reasons to condemn GM foods, including Bertram Verhaag’s Science Under Attack.

BARDA awards $3 billion in vaccine contracts for eradicated smallpox
May 16, 2011 Two biopharm companies are in a spat over a US government awarded contract to develop a smallpox vaccine, though the disease has not surfaced in over 40 years. Meanwhile, the U.S. refuses to submit to inspections of its potentially “dual use” biodefense-bioweapons labs.

Home Rule takes a beating as Maine defeats food freedom bills
May 11, 2011 In the state that made international news this year when three towns passed a food sovereignty ordinance, two bills that would have bolstered them at the state level met with defeat in Maine’s legislature.

May 14-16 Defend your right to food freedom and a healthy planet
May 11, 2011 May is heating up with special events for the food and farm freedom movement, coinciding with the publication of four special Guides on organic gardening.

How Safe Is Your Food? GMOs, Foodborne Illness and Trade Agreements
May 8, 2011 A new report by GRAIN shows how food safety laws and trade agreements do little to protect health, but do much to boost corporate profits.

Bob’s Heart: Courage Grows Strong at the Wound
May 6, 2011 This book takes us on Koehler’s emotional process through grief, after losing his wife, revealing life for a single dad in Chicago raising a teenage girl. Koehler weaves this process within the broader frame of humanity’s “Journey of Death,”– from war, exploitation, threat of nuclear annihilation, and more. But he leaves us hopeful and attuned to our greater selves.

FDA claims power to seize food without evidence of contamination
May 4, 2011 FDA issue new rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act, granting itself the power to seize suspect food without need of evidence. Forget the 4th Amendment.

Sebelius-backed biotech firm reorganizing under criminal probe
May 3, 2011 In Kansas, a publicly funded venture enterprise developed in part by Kathleen Sebelius to promote biotechnology is currently being investigated for criminal conduct. CEO Tom Thornton has resigned.

Medical Miracle: Dialysis man survives 11 years on the run in mountainous terrain
May 1, 2011 The White House announced tonight in a special mystery broadcast that it finally killed Osama bin Laden last week. Amazing.

Bush court dismisses 9/11 suit against Bush officials, orders sanctions
April 29, 2011 The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s dismissal of a military officer’s complaint against Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Richard Myers.

So how’s the Food Patriot Act working out so far?
April 27, 2011 Under the Food Safety Modernization Act, we have more armed raids, no backyard chickens at B&Bs, and no fresh meat.

Nuke protester murdered in India as police open fire on peaceful crowd
April 22, 2011 Authorities responded to peaceful protest of a proposed nuclear power plant site in India by shooting at the crowd, killing one and injuring eight.

How naturopaths can survive states criminalizing alternative medicine
April 21, 2011 Given North Carolina’s pending legislation to criminalize alternative medicine, we spoke with The Herb Prof for tips on how to avoid legal troubles when providing homeopathic treatment.

Industry’s war on nature: ‘What are the bees telling us?’
April 10, 2011 A new film, Queen of the Sun, and a new UN report detail the collapse of the bees, which threatens not only humans, but the entire Age of Mammals.

Lawsuit seeks to invalidate Monsanto’s GMO patents
April 2, 2011  A landmark lawsuit filed on March 29 in US federal court seeks to invalidate Monsanto’s patents on genetically modified seeds and to prohibit the company from suing those whose crops become genetically contaminated.

‘Toxic Waste Bubble Gum’ recalled for lead contamination
March 28, 2011 There is actually a product on the market called “Toxic Waste Short Circuits Bubble Gum.” How’s that for subliminally mind-warping your children into thinking toxic waste is fun and tastes good, too! Ironically, the Pakistani product has been recalled for elevated levels of lead.

US stores spent nuclear fuel rods at 4 times pool capacity
March 26, 2011 The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has allowed reactor operators to store four times more waste in the spent fuel pools than they’re designed to handle.

China attacks ‘Largest and most sustained attack’ in WP history
March 23, 2011 Six separate attacks on March 3 and 4, mostly originating from China, targeted a single Chinese-language site, hosted by WP.

Winds chase evacuees in Japan; Hawaii threatened by Fukushima fallout
March 15, 2011 Evacuees headed south, since winds normally would have pushed radioactive clouds north and east. Instead, winds pushed the r-clouds south. Shifting winds now threaten Hawaii.

A Perfect Storm of GMOs, Chemicals and Cancer
March 10, 2011  Several books, including Seeds of Destruction and Corrupt to the Core, along with the film, The Idiot Cycle, lay out the framework for and evidence of a concerted effort to sicken and then treat humanity, while earning obscene profits.

After 20 years, nearly everyone still wants GM food to be labeled
March 5, 2011 A new MSM poll shows 96% of Americans want GM foods labeled, but even scientific studies since 1994 have shown most people want this. So why hasn’t government responded to the will of the people?

‘Global Economic Crisis’ exposes plans for a global military dictatorship
Feb. 26, 2011 While global uprisings now threaten global governance under a single currency, scheming rulers have long anticipated this reaction. In The Global Economic Crisis, we learn exactly how a planet-wide military dictatorship plans to enforce its feudal vision.

Scientists warn of link between dangerous new pathogen and Monsanto’s Roundup
Feb. 20, 2011 A newly emergent pathogen linked to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide may be causing spontaneous abortions in livestock, sudden death syndrome in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready soy, and wilt in Monsanto’s RR corn.

Broadway’s touring ‘West Side Story’ tweaks theme, boosts Q love
Feb. 20, 2011 By making subtle changes, Broadway Across America’s WSS softens the criticism of US racism and salutes same-sex love.

Bringing nutrient dense organic food to schools – within budget
Feb. 18, 2011 Berkeley, California schools are showing the nation how to feed kids healthy, organic foods – and a team of filmmakers is taking the show on the road.

Houston cops stomp 15-yr-old; charged with misdemeanor
Feb. 18, 2011 The recent public release of a video that captured police brutality resulting in seven Houston police officers being fired while only being charged with misdemeanors has prompted fresh outrage.

Silent protester Ray McGovern brutalized by cops at Hillary Clinton talk on free speech
Feb. 17, 2011 Walking like an Egyptian pharaoh more than an Egyptian, during Hillary Clinton’s talk on free speech yesterday at George Washington University, she allowed the arrest and brutalization of a silent protester, Ray McGovern, who since his retirement from the CIA has been actively protesting war.

Canada defeats GMO hazard legislation
Feb. 11, 2011  Canada defeated Bill C-474, an Act that sought to require that an analysis of potential harm to export markets be conducted before permitting the commercialization of any new genetically engineered seed. This coincides with complete deregulation of GE alfalfa in the US.

Wyoming defeats, Georgia introduces Food Freedom Act
Jan. 20, 2011  Wyoming rejected a Food Freedom Act which would have exempted some food products from regulation. Georgia, Kentucky, Vermont and Florida also discussed.

Corexit? Phosgene gas? What Else? Now over 30 mass kills around the globe
Jan. 8, 2011  WTF is happening? Are some of these mass die-offs a result of Corexit sprayed in the Gulf of Mexico last year and now making its way up the coast and over to England?

Obama signs food control bill
Jan. 6, 2011  On Tuesday, Obama signed the food control bill. The Food Safety Modernization Act will surely make our food supply worse, leaving us more vulnerable to pathogens in the factory food system.

Fracking the life out of Arkansas and beyond
Jan. 5, 2011 Hydrofracking is destroying the water supply, killing wildlife in mass numbers, and sickening entire communities. And, it’s gone global.