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eco warriorBy Rady Ananda
Food Freedom News

To protect against genetic contamination, a group of ecodefenders destroyed 6,000 genetically modified beets in Jackson County, Oregon earlier this month. The FBI is involved and has deemed the act “economic sabotage,” despite that Syngenta is creating products that economically destroy organic crops through genetic contamination and pesticide aerial drift.

When cross contamination occurs, then our corrupt judicial system blames the victim farmer who is ordered to pay Monsanto for the company’s failure to control its frankenseeds that contaminated her organic crops.

And they report that shit with a straight face.

Also in Oregon, because our corrupt government won’t join the EU in banning neonicotinoids, someone at Target ordered several flowering linden trees (Tilia americana) in the parking lot to be doused with the poison and surprise, surprise, tens of thousands of bees died when over 150 nearby hives also succumbed.

This, while colony collapse disorder continues unabated. “An estimated 10 billion hives have been lost since colony collapse disorder first emerged in 2006,” reports the LA Times.

Another pollinator disappearing from North America is the bat, due to “white nose syndrome,” now affecting 22 states and five Canadian provinces. The “emergent” microorganism responsible for WNS is likely affecting bats whose immune systems have been weakened by industrial pollutants, electromagnetic pollution and ongoing nuclear fallout. WNS is highly lethal, killing 70-100% of affected colonies.

Another emergent pathogen never seen before is likely responsible for spontaneous abortions in cattle, and is likely caused by the heavy dose of toxins used in agrobusiness. Over two years ago, plant pathologist Don Huber sounded the alarm, urging the USDA not to approve genetically modified alfalfa.

“I believe we’ve reached the tipping point toward a potential disaster with the safety of our food supply. The abuse, or call it over use if you will, of Roundup, is having profoundly bad consequences in the soil. We’ve seen that for years. The appearance of this new pathogen may be a signal that we’ve gone too far.”

Headed by biotech proponent Tom Vilsack, the USDA completely ignored the man who, at the time, coordinated the Emergent Diseases and Pathogens committee of the American Phytopathological Society, as part of the USDA National Plant Disease Recovery System.  By ignoring Dr Huber, Vilsack guaranteed the collapse of natural alfalfa, vital to the organic dairy industry.  Because cross-contamination is assured with such a tiny wind-borne seed, the USDA also struck a blow at the entire organic meat and dairy industries. (CBAN is fighting gm alfalfa approval in Canada.)

Vilsack, appointed by President Obama, went even further in 2012 when he fast-tracked the GMO approval process in the US.

No doubt Monsatan and the entire tech industry is delighted at the loss of our natural pollinators, because they lose market share when people can raise crops that don’t require their toxic products or robotic bees (which will likely be included in NSA’s unconstitutional domestic surveillance program since the little bugs record what they see and hear).

Oregon is also the site where a small wheat farm was found to be contaminated with Monsanto’s Roundup Ready gene, CP4, putting the state’s $8 billion wheat export industry in limbo. How’s that for economic sabotage? Not according to the feds or their armed agents, I guess, even though CP4 has not been approved for commercial use.

Even Reuters recognizes that genetic contamination economically sabotages the non-GMO ag industry:

“Past discoveries of unapproved corn and rice varieties in the supply chain have shuttered export markets for months and cost billions of dollars in lost revenue.

“The latest finding revives memories of farmers unwittingly planting genetically modified rapeseed in Europe in 2000, while in 2006 a large part of the U.S. long-grain rice crop was contaminated by an experimental strain from Bayer CropScience, prompting import bans in Europe and Japan.”

Not only do US regulators refuse to label foods that have been genetically modified despite over 95% of the public wanting it, but it has long been State Department policy to force genetically modified crops on the world, as revealed in the diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks. See, e.g.:

WikiLeaks: US Ambassador Planned ‘Retaliation’ Against France over Ban on Monsanto GMO Corn

Leaked Cable: Hike food prices to boost GM crop approval

Wikileaks: State Dept. wants intel on African acceptance of GMOs

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But sabotage of GM crops has also long been the policy of eco-activists who serve the natural environment over corporate profits. A list of such actions historically can be found in Monsanto, Blackwater and GM crop saboteurs.