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Double moon
Double sun
Chemtrail heaven
Oh what fun

By Rady Ananda

In refuting a double moon viral email, NASA wrote in 2008, “There wasn’t a double moon back in 2003. And there won’t be one this year – whenever you’re reading this.”

Well, in the wee hours of Thursday, May 19, 2011, Ft. Lauderdale had a double moon. My cheap digital camera could not capture what my eyes – and those of my father – saw. I saw it at 2:30 AM ET; he saw it at 5 AM ET.

The “second” moon appeared as a ghostly superimposition on the real moon, but slightly lower and to the left, covering about 80% of the real moon. The perimeter of the ghostly moon was slightly darkly pigmented so that, even tho it lay atop the real moon, it could be clearly seen. The luminosity of the real moon was stronger, but not by much. We could see through the ghostly moon.

We just had a full moon a couple days ago, so the shape was slightly less than full.

I spoke with an octogenarian farmer up the road who has also never seen such a thing in his entire life. Searching the web, I found no historical mention of double moon sightings, but did find a few recent ones. So the source of the illusion is most likely not natural, instead being anthropologic in origin.

The Weather Network hosts an image by Karen Perreault taken on April 17, 2011. Her double moon image is quite different from what we saw because it was taken from inside, probably looking thru a double paned window:

Double Moon 4-17-2011 Sioux Lookout, Ontario. Photo by Karen Perreault

May 17, 2011 double moon in Australia (Pomeroy)

Kathie Pomeroy submitted the next image which her son took outside on May 17, 2011 in Australia, after a day of heavy chemtrailing. He reported the chemtrails were “very defined” at the time. (Click on image for large view.)

Here’s a close-up of the dark “second” moon in Australia which does not look like our moon, after all:

In an Unexplained Mysteries forum, GinaLynn reports she saw a double moon in 2005 in Portland, Oregon – only hers were in different parts of the sky yet still physically shaped the same – three-quarters full.

In March 2008, another forum member reported, “During the recent lunar eclipse I witnessed a similar thing. As the moon was coming out of eclipse, a second moon appeared just to the left and below the moon. It was bluish green and a reverse image of the moon. Over the next few minutes it migrated farther away from the moon. Then the clouds rolled in and, for me, the eclipse was over.”

He adds, “I sent a photo to an astronomer who shared it with colleagues and they all want to tell me that it was an artifact of the camera. But I could see it plainly with my naked eyes, so that can’t be it. I am convinced that it was caused by some sort of atmospheric condition, but I don’t know what.”

Neither do I. Online scientific sources are silent on the matter. I suspect that all these years of chemtrail spraying and industrial and military pollution caused the appearance of two moons. It could also be a result of radiation from Fukushima. And that’s a horrifying thought – that we’re degrading our atmosphere so much that we now have the appearance of two moons – and two suns, as recently filmed in Asia.

Double and Triple Suns

BoKnowsEntertainment compiled two videos apparently showing two suns in Asia earlier this year. The first video is from Bangkok and shows the suns in different locations, so can’t be explained by optical illusion.

ScienceAndSpaceHD posted this video of the sun being “shadowed by two smaller twin suns due to an astronomical phenomenon called phantom sun.”

Wiki notes they’re also called sun dogs, an optical illusion caused by ice crystals. Aristotle even saw them. They’re supposed to be at the same distance above the horizon, in the same part of the sky.

A moon dog, on other hand, “is a relatively rare bright circular spot on a lunar halo caused by the refraction of moonlight by hexagonal-plate-shaped ice crystals in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. Moon dogs appear to the left and right of the moon 22° or more distant.”

There was no halo in last night’s double moon, and the ghostly moon was as big as, and partly on top of, the real moon. So what we saw was no moon dog.

Further Info:

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