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January 26, 2008

Parody of “I’d Love to Change the World” by Ten Years After. Dave Berman had me submit this to musicians who will be parodying the original, but alas, my version didn’t win the Blue Ribbon. I still love it. 

Take a look at this video which uses the original song as its backdrop.


Everywhere is fake elections
We should boycott, save the nation from tyranny
Riggal counts the vote for us
Officials call it, oh should we trust their wizardry?

It’s time we changed the world
and you know just what to do
Hand counts will tell the truth

Banks are stealing poor folk homes
Making billions while we all groan in misery
Grow your own food in community
with your neighbors so you can eat – on the cheap

It’s time to divide the wealth
Spread it out equally
Fair shares for you and me

Y’know they want to microchip you
tag and clip you, like property.
They mean to own us and all the land.
Find the right place and take a stand.

It’s time we changed the world
No one owns humanity
Give up their circuitry

Turn off your TV and settle in.
Read Naomi’s “Shock Doctrine,”
History by Zinn and Nace’s “Gangs”
will fill you in on their evil plan.

Come on, let’s change the world
Cuz we know just what to do
Join ranks with all of you.