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Don’t drink milk from a Big Dairy cow. Those teets are filled with pus,
drugs and GMOs.

Two kinds of raw milk and hypocrites who pretend they don’t know the difference

By Rady Ananda

When 18 people, mostly kids, were “poisoned” by raw milk served at a school in Wisconsin earlier this month, GMO-milk fans became outraged. At least, until they learned it was unpasteurized milk from a pus-producing commercial dairy plant.

Raw milk antagonist Bill Marler goofed by confusing unpasteurized commercial milk with raw milk produced directly for human consumption, much to the enjoyment of David Gumpert.

Marler condescendingly wrote, “I expect to hear that it is part of a FDA sponsored conspiracy against expanding raw milk sales in Wisconsin. Raw milk is not ‘magic.’ It has real risks.”

Here’s how Gumpert describes it:

“When the story first broke, commenters on his blog and on a food safety list serve were practically apoplectic. ‘There should be a FEDERAL LAW against serving raw milk in a school,’ one of the hysterics stated.

“Yes, as long as he and his groupies assumed the milk was provided by a wacko raw milk dairy, it was fun to blame raw milk advocates and their supposed focus on ‘conspiracy’ and ‘magic.’ But once the facts of the story began dribbling out, and it became possible that the the milk was provided by a red-blooded American dairy farmer that serves the huge dairy processing establishment, well, suddenly the tone changed.

“A number of the food safety blogs published a press release that regulators in Wisconsin had genetically linked the campylobacter found in the sick children to that found on a Wisconsin dairy. But no name calling and sarcasm and holier-than-thou scolding. Instead, radio silence by the food safety lobby/anti-raw milk hysterics.”

Gumpert, being an investigative journalist, called the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection. That’s when he learned which kind of raw milk was involved. He reports that WDACP told him:

“It’s not one of the farms that has sold raw milk. [This dairy is] a larger farm that has a good record with us.”

“In other words,” he says, “it’s a member of the club; its milk is sold commercially to a processing plant that pasteurizes and homogenizes it. It’s part of the huge dairy establishment.”

No wonder those folks got sick. Turns out the dairy farmer’s relative took some milk without permission to a local school. She obviously does not know the difference between the two kinds of raw milk in this country.

“There have been any number of studies showing that unpasteurized milk destined for the processing plants has a significant chance of containing pathogens,” he explains.

Damn right. Those cows are not healthy: they’re kept in cramped and/or filthy conditions (like those with mastitis in the image above seen standing in their own shit). They’re fed an unnatural diet of grains, drugs and GMOs, and produce a product that must be pasteurized to kill all the pathogens.

That’s not so with free-range, grass-fed cows that are drug- and GMO-free. Aficionados proved this at a D.C. rally last month when they drank milk straight from the cow. The Washington Times produced this video of the event:

Marler’s misinformed piece was posted on June 14, but a week later, the attorney still had not bothered to do any fact checking, so he produced this video condemning raw milk, along with another erroneous post on the matter.

The fact that such a famous Big Dairy shill continues to fail to recognize his error can only be understood to be willful ignorance. The man’s not stupid, after all.

While Gumpert points out the hypocrisy of blaming raw milk for a commercial dairy’s unpasteurized product, I suspect the error is deliberate. Marler and Big Dairy would hate to admit their product is so dangerous it sickens people.