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By Rady Ananda

Citrus Heights attorney Joseph H. Marman will soon file a lawsuit against the Shasta County Air Quality Management District in California for failing to ensure good air quality, on behalf of those injured by pollutants used in persistent jet contrails, popularly known as chemtrails.

The type of damage can vary – from reduced agricultural output and reduced solar energy capture, to damaged soils and water systems, to human health problems.

He reported to Food Freedom that he now has enough plaintiffs to pursue the case, but must first file an Administrative claim.

“Typically after I file a government claim, then we have six months in which to file the complaint,” he said.

Depending on what’s loaded in the spray, as well as particle size, aerial spraying impacts health in a variety of ways. Once inhaled or absorbed through the skin, particles can impede gastrointestinal, respiratory, autoimmunity, neurological and cognitive functions.

Morgellons Disease

The most dramatic result may be the development of Morgellons Disease, which comprises an array of symptoms, the defining one being novel fibers that protrude from the skin. Though the cause is still unconfirmed, [1] initial research indicates that the as-yet-unidentified fibers seen in Morgellons patients are the same as those collected after an aerial spray. [2] (Image: Morgellons colorful fibers)

“Fibers in a variety of colors protrude out of my skin like mushrooms after a rainstorm: they cannot be forensically identified as animal, vegetable or mineral,” musical artist Joni Mitchell told the LA Times. [3]

Unable to identify the fibers, molecular biologist and biophysicist Randy Wymore, who heads the Oklahoma State University Center for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease (CIMD), had the forensics team of the Tulsa Police Dept. compare samples to its database of 800 fibers and 90,000 organic compounds, without success. [4]

The only conclusion Wymore can draw is that the fibers originate within the body as an artifact of some unknown infectious substance, either a neurotoxin or microorganism. He and a colleague catalogued several symptoms including skin lesions, neuropathies, cognitive dysfunction, and the signature fibers. [5]

In April, Wymore spoke at the 4th Annual Scientific/Medical Conference on Morgellons Disease in Austin, hosted by the Charles E. Holman Foundation which donated $10,000 to his lab last year. [6] This year, one donation allowed CIMD to hire a DNA researcher, and the T. Boone Pickens Endowment has promised another $100,000. [7]

Another celebrity, Major League player Billy Koch, first developed symptoms in 2002 when pitching for the Oakland A’s. His entire family has it, as well. [8] They happened to live in two of the three original cluster areas: California and Florida (the third one being Texas). [9] Morgellons patients now reside in all 50 states and in several Western nations, where chemtrails are reported.

In 2001, Patient Zero, Drew Leitao, developed symptoms in South Carolina at the age of two. [10] His biologist mother, Mary Leitao, named the disease in 2002 [11] after a description by Sir Thomas Browne in 1674. [12] Though “The Morgellons” was discussed at length in a 1935 paper which included over 300 years of historical references [13], “Morgellons Syndrome” is distinctly different except for the novel fibers.

Morgellons may also be caused or exasperated by genetically modified foods that use an Agrobacterium shown able to transfer its genes to the host. [14-18] Filaments farmed by the U.S. Air Force from the milk of goats modified with genes from a web-spinning spider may also be the source of the strange fibers. [19] It may also be the result of ticks, or an emerging pathogen not yet identified by science, given all the agrochemicals sprayed on our soils.

A few years ago, the Centers for Disease Control began researching multiple factors that may contribute to the development of Morgellons. [20] In March of this year, it announced that it has submitted its findings to “a peer-reviewed scientific journal.” [21]

Other Health Consequences

Author and award-winning journalist William Thomas notes that “acute upper respiratory ailments and gastrointestinal ailments” follow heavy spraying, along with “autoimmune diseases … such as chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, lupus, once very rare transverse myelitis, and meningitis.” [27]

Thomas documented lab-tested samples collected after being dropped from a plane which found “Pseudomonas fluorescens, streptomyces, and a very toxic and prolific bacillus, as well as a chemical dye marker” used in genetic engineering, along with “a cocktail of other toxic moulds.” (Image: chemical dye marking)

Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri recently catalogued a series of illnesses associated with chemtrails, noting the work of several researchers. [22] From chemtrail samples obtained in Seattle, Wa., Dr. R. Michael Castle identified bioactive microscopic polymers comprised of genetically engineered fungi that secrete a powerful micotoxin. They also self-replicate. [23]

Another GE organism that “has been replicating itself exponentially and causing chaos throughout the Gulf waters” is Synthia, the world’s first fully synthetic, self-replicating organism. [24] Dr. Riki Ott confirms that genetically engineered organisms have been sprayed in the Gulf of Mexico [25]. Resident Michael Edwards asserts that this “has created new viral and bacterial pathogens never seen before. It is directly responsible for the spreading of drug and antibiotic resistant viral and bacterial outbreaks along the Gulf Coast.” [26]

The Smaller the Particle, the More Lethal Its Effect

Though humans like to believe we’re at the “top of the food chain,” the reality is we live in an evolving, revolving food web. The most prolific class of animals on the planet feeds on us daily: insects. And the oldest and smallest of life forms – bacteria – feed on us 24-7. An invisible enemy can be the most lethal.

As well as visible particulate matter, chemtrails also contain micron-sized (a millionth of a meter) and sub-micron sized particles, be they animate or inanimate. Some of that includes strontium, barium and aluminum, reports retired USDA biologist, Francis Mangels in a recent TV news report from KMIR (Palm Springs, Calif.). [28]

Anything smaller than 10 microns in sufficient quantity interferes with respiration, and can kill people, reported researchers in 2008. [29] Nano-sized particles can cross the blood-brain barrier and induce a multitude of problems, including death.

“Nanoparticles are readily taken up by many types of cells in vitro and are expected to cross the blood-brain barrier that [normally] excludes many substances that might harm the brain,” notes research scientist, Ellin Doyle. [30] (Image: blood-brain barrier)

Clifford Carnicom, who has been studying aerial spraying for over a decade, estimated the size of one set of samples he studied to be 700 nanometers (700 billionths of a meter). [31]

A recent British study observed that anything smaller than 100 nm poses even greater health risks because it can “access all areas of the body” and can even penetrate the nucleus of cells. [32]

Chemical, Biological Experiments and Geoengineering

In the wake of spraying in Kitchener, Ontario several years ago, Thomas noticed “1-800 numbers posted which ask you to call in to become part of medical studies,” with the qualification that specific symptoms were contracted “within a certain area within a specific time frame.” He notes, “That sounds like biological warfare tracking to me.”

Could be. Most sources believe, though, that aerosol spraying of chemicals and biologicals is done to modify the weather (via humidity or solar radiation management) or to mitigate industrial accidents. Tracking health effects may be secondary to climate control or bioremediation activity.

During my research for Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails last year, [33] I discovered that under 50 USC §§ 1512 and 1520, the U.S. government claims authority to conduct open air testing of chemical and biological weapons on civilian populations, without prior and informed consent.

This clearly violates human rights and constitutes a war crime under International Criminal Court statutes, the Chemical Weapons Convention and/or the Biological Weapons Convention, depending on what’s being sprayed. [34]

It is no surprise, then, that the U.S. refused to sign the 2010 UN call for an end to geoengineering activities, defined as, “any technologies that deliberately reduce solar insolation or increase carbon sequestration from the atmosphere on a large scale that may affect biodiversity.” [35]

Former crop disease inspector, Rosalind Peterson (who founded Agricultural Defense Coalition) [36], has “great concerns about persistent jet contrails,” she said in an email. She’s been researching and writing about the subject for nine years. In 2009, she wrote, “What we do know and can prove has broad implications for human health, agriculture crop production, the health of the earth’s pollinators … and climate change.” [37]

Previous Success in California Eco-Lawsuits

Given the chance, a lawsuit’s discovery process might produce further confirmation that aerosol spraying of toxic and dangerously small substances is linked to human health problems, as well as crop loss and aquatic degradation. But a loss means plaintiffs bear the cost of suit, including defense costs.

(Image: Albuquerque, NM 30 Dec 2008)

In considering legal action, Peterson is cautious. “Being a Plaintiff in any lawsuit subjects the Plaintiffs to all court costs, depositions, filings, and other court costs that may be accrued during the course of a trial,” she said. “And if the plaintiffs lose they may have to pay the costs that the defendants incurred in defending themselves.”

Indeed, she “lost” a case filed a couple decades ago to ban 2,4-D (“half of Agent Orange”), Glyphosate and Diquat from being sprayed near waterways, for having filed too late.

Though officials “agreed not to spray these chemicals near the drinking water intakes of all water systems” in Contra Costa County, Ca., she faced paying “the $10,000 bond and also hundreds of thousands of dollars of their costs.” All of that was waived after agreeing not to appeal the case, she said.

Likewise, for the California chemtrail suit, Marman advises, “We will always have the option to dismiss our case for a waiver of Shasta County pursuing costs if we determine that we will be unable to win the case.”

He is serving pro bono, but will accept donations to defray costs, which “could range from $2,000 to a maximum of $20,000.” If the plaintiffs lose, they will be responsible for defense costs, but not likely defense counsel fees, he said.

Two high profile cases in California successfully stopped the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture from toxic spraying regimes. Malathion, sprayed in 1994, caused visual and respiratory problems, while aggravating other health problems, leading to that program’s shut down. [38] After a spraying plan for the light brown apple moth was announced in 2007, though its damage to crops was never documented, legal action and administrative proceedings defeated it. [39]

Success in an action like the one Marman will pursue would be bolstered by broad public and media support, especially if like-minded public officials became involved. The information such a case could yield is tremendous – something any litigant should weigh against costs – when deciding how high to reach in defending their health and the environment.

Government officials and NGOs continue to deny the existence of geoengineering experiments in the U.S., much like they deny that biotech foods cause harm, or that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has radiated the Northern Hemisphere at unsafe levels.

As a result, the global movement to document the nefarious clouds continues to grow. Recently, filmmaker G. Edward Griffin developed a method of data collection to build the body of evidence, seeking 50-100 volunteers over the next month. [40]

Such evidence could be used to support any litigation pursuing the halt to such programs.

Rady Ananda specializes in Natural Resources and administers the sites Food Freedom and COTO Report.

The fully referenced version of this article can be obtained directly from the author. Details here.