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By Rady Ananda
COTO Report

WTF is happening? Are some of these mass die-offs a result of Corexit sprayed in the Gulf of Mexico last year and now making its way up the coast and over to England? Corexit can’t explain all the mass die-offs. We have one report from Russian intelligence that Phosgene Gas was sprayed in Arkansas, resulting in those die-offs. But what about New Zealand? And Ontario? Have the psychopaths gone on a murderous rampage around the globe?

Click on the image to enlarge it. This map was originally prepared by UK’s Daily Mail, and has been modified to add new information.


In May 2010, 12,000 saiga antelope dead in Kazakhstan. This makes the 12th mass die off in the past year.

Turns out there are 30 recent mass kills, according to this map, which also gives cited info. (Or click map below to enlarge. I’ve added two not on this map: Bio-Bio, Chile and Parana, Brazil.)

Officials still citing bizarre reasons for mass kills in this August 2010 report of millions of dead fish in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia:

Jan. 8 Quebec bird deaths

Jan. 6 FOLLY BEACH, S.C. | Thousands of dead fish wash up on SC beach | The Herald – Rock Hill, SC

Jan. 11 More than 100 dead birds found off Calif. highway. Birds flew into traffic in what looked like suicide.

Jan. 12 Romanian starlings drank themselves to death on grapes (if you believe that junk science). Crop stasis, where the crop stops emptying into the stomach and thus the food ferments, is a condition caused by numerous factors, including heavy metal poisoning. Crop stasis induces starvation, even though the birds appear to gorge themselves.

Jan. 14 300 grackles fall dead in Alabama. Birds flew into oncoming traffic.

Jan 14 200 dead cows found in Wisconsin field.

Jan 17 Hundreds of dead seals in Labrador (New Foundland, Canada) Since December 2010, northern shores of Labrador filled with seal carcasses.

Jan 17 Hundreds of dead pelicans in Florida and North Carolina. See BP’s Corexit moves up Atlantic Seaboard, 100s of pelicans die.

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