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By Rady Ananda

Thugs with badges. Anarchy reigns. Might is right. Civilian dissent is brutally suppressed in the U.S. A culture of humiliating dominance, backed up by brute force and sonic weapons, pervades the group-think of armed bodies in uniform.

This video captures police forcing a dissenter to his knees so they could take a trophy photo.  Kyle Kramer, a University of Pittsburgh student, who, along with a hundred other law-abiding citizens, publicly assembled to protest government policies, will now be added to a database of domestic terrorists.

Law enforcement agencies, like the Missouri State Highway Patrol, define them as those members of the public who reject the Democratic and Republican parties, and who support the U.S. Constitution. Missouri State Representative Jim Guest condemns a Missouri Information and Analysis Center (MIAC) report issued in February of this year (The Modern Militia Movement). According to The New American, Guest said:

“[B]ecause the report wrongfully mixes ordinary patriots in with violent organizations and identifies legitimate political beliefs with a ‘mindset’ that ‘creates a threat to law enforcement officers,’ there is the very real danger that some officers will overreact. This could result in violations of citizens’ rights, or, even worse, lethal confrontations.”

We saw police brutally attack peaceful protesters in 2008 at the National Conventions of the Democrat and Republican parties in Denver and St. Paul. We saw it forty years ago when Governor Jim Rhodes ordered the Ohio National Guard to shoot unarmed protesters at Kent State, killing four. We see it every time ordinary citizens seek redress of their grievances with those in power.

It is not the protesters who are domestic terrorists, but armed bodies in uniform who repeatedly violate the highest law of the land. It is not citizens we should fear, but fear-driven cops who find dissent repugnant.

Hat tip to G20Media and CLG.