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Shannon, a member of my drum culture, sent this 8-minute video out today… lemme tell ya, drumming on the open sand at night is way different from doing it inside a church – like I did in Columbus, Ohio. South Florida drummers are EVERYWHERE; circles can be found every day of the week – if you have the time and energy. They drum in parks, on the beach, in the woods, in backyards… but always out in the open.

Shannon writes:

I thought some of you might dig this djembe drumming with 7 fire dancers youtube video from Clearwater beach. Drumming to fire is amazing. It’s [less than 8] minutes long with fire hula hoops and all kinds of cool stuff going on. We don’t usually get this many going at once.

The vid is from the Clearwater Beach drum circle. Fire spinners, poi, & more. It’s a spontainious gathering, and we don’t get this many every week, but sometimes it happens and it’s fantastic. Just for the love of performing and playing. In this clip, we were drumming to a Bleldi – Zaffah variation:

Boom chick-a chick, Boom Boom (pause) chick-a-chick-a Boom chick-a chick, Boom Boom (pause)chick-a-chick-a Boom etc.

The circle is Saturday nights around 10pm by pier 60, Clearwater Beach, FL. If you’re ever down here on vacation, come check it out sometime.