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By Rady Ananda

Despite a concerted top-down effort to silence, marginalize or ignore those who question the official 9/11 Commission Report, demands for a new, independent investigation grow louder each year. Russia Today posted this 3-minute news item:

One bit of wisdom I picked up in my youth, ‘truth is not a popularity contest,’ can be modified: ‘truth is immune to orders.’

Last year, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. warned that five corporations control all 14,000 radio stations, 5,000 TV stations, 80% of all newspapers, all billboards, and more than 50% of all internet content. Despite the iron wall, 911 truth finders organically surface across the U.S. and abroad.

Failure to act is the most obvious conclusion researchers reach. Why government officials failed to act is where Truthers risk losing credibility with a public still bent on giving Big Gov the benefit of the doubt. This part of the public is more apt to believe incompetence over a deliberate false flag attack. But there is an axiom in research: Qui bono? Who benefits? Often, investigators of any crime follow the money to determine the culprit.

Illegal resource wars were waged based on the events surrounding September 11, 2001. Several multi-national corporations won no-bid contracts for work in the Middle East. They made, and continue to make, billions of dollars.

This needs to be investigated and fully reported to the US public, especially in light of intentional genocide in the Middle East. The worsening gravity of life for Middle Easterners after eight years of US-led invasion and occupation requires us to firmly resolve significant questions that remain about the events of 9/11.

Over a million people have died as a result of these wars. Tens of thousands more are permanently disfigured, missing body parts and/or suffering from DU-induced cancers. Entire towns, cities and communities have been destroyed. Depleted uranium, white phosphorus, and remotely-operated drones have been used. The Middle East is now ‘an environmental catastrophe’ that also deforms babies. Drones, btw, do not distinguish between Taliban militants and nursing mothers.

The heroin trade has blossomed under US intervention, as has the global US torture program.

For 30 years, the Revolutionary Afghanistan Women’s Association (RAWA) has resisted domination from invading forces and domestic fundamentalists. RAWA continues to assert that since the US-led invasion in 2001, conditions have worsened for ordinary Afghani women who must dodge stonings, acid attacks, school destruction, and public beatings from fundamentalists, as well as military attacks from the US-led invasion. Civilian deaths jumped 24% in 2009 over the prior year, reported the United Nations.

Ignoring USSR lessons of failure, the US recreates an environment that allows the Taliban to thrive. On September 11, 2009, the International Council on Security and Development (ICOS) reported “substantial Taliban activity” in at least 97 percent, or “virtually all of Afghanistan … up from 72% in November 2008.”

High resolution map at http://bit.ly/Jd6Sc

High resolution map at http://bit.ly/Jd6Sc

Under Obama, conditions have worsened for Afghanis. Collusion between Afghan drug lords and Taliban will likely increase for the occupation’s duration. If we leave immediately, widespread slaughter of women and gays will certainly ensue. By staying in the profit-driven exploitation of Afghanistan, we foster male sympathy for a brutal theocratic regime armed by poppy production.

There are saner, more humane alternatives, but like “single payer healthcare” no one in mass media or government presents a cogent defense of Leftist ideas. Gender equality, environmental care, and an equitable distribution of wealth are “not on the table” for imperialists or drug lords and fundamentalists. The thugs who run things – there and here – are not about to share the golden goose.

Like the ‘War on Drugs,’ the ‘War on Terror’ is a misnomer. As policy, both fail to achieve stated aims, and, in fact, cost more lives than neutrality did. The US-led occupation has increased femicide and its attendant systemic slaughter of gays in the region and, as numerous reports confirm, increased heroin production.

The right drug for a disease requires accurate diagnosis. If our entire justification for Middle East wars is based on an incomplete and/or faulty view of the events surrounding 9/11, then it is no wonder the stated aims of the Bush-Obama administrations have failed, and continue to fail. We cannot begin to prescribe the correct course of action without first correctly assessing the connection between the Middle East and 9/11 and the US government.

We still have numerous unanswered questions from the events surrounding 9/11 that supposedly led us to these foreign misadventures, including:

  • How did three buildings fall into their own footprint, one of which was not struck by a plane?
  • Who gave the order to demolish WTC 7? Why?
  • How did a plane evade detection by humanity’s most advanced military and slam into the Pentagon 50 minutes after the first two planes struck the WTC towers?
  • Was there a stand-down order? Who gave it?
  • Why hasn’t the public been shown all the video surveillance tapes from the Pentagon?
  • What happened to the $2.3 TRILLION the Pentagon said it could not account for, which Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld announced on Sept. 10?
  • How can the US now claim to want to decimate the Taliban in Pakistan when it has only increased their numbers in Afghanistan?

Shock and awe is a metaphor for brutality and theft on a scale only pure sociopaths could support in light of honest media reporting.

This whole notion of training terrorists and then claiming they are enemies, or claiming “terrorist states” are now our friends and allies in the ‘War on Terror’ is a bit of a stretch. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Yes, Condi, et al., we must impugn your integrity. The official story on 9/11, the reasons given for our continued occupation in the Middle East, and our support of a corrupt Pakistani government make no sense.

And so, the Truth Movement grows.

Dibari cartoon http://bit.ly/6R1nR

Dibari cartoon http://bit.ly/6R1nR