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Here are some toons and graphs that capture the zeitgeist:

Scott Santis image tweaked

Scott Santis image tweaked

Much apology to Scott Stantis for my tweaking of his labels (and adding a couple more).

Well, but of course we can’t afford healthcare for the masses – not when we have to pay for illegal resource wars that benefit multinational corporations:

military economy x pslweb.orgOkay, so some folks are skeered of “socialism” – eeks! (MSM propaganda has done its job well.) Heaven forbid we should pool our dollars to help everyone rather than everyone enriching the few! So, here’s a graph from NationalPriorities.org:

2009 gov chart x nationalpriorities.org

Remember Calvin & Hobbes? Years ago, he predicted that Wall Street robbery that BushObama enabled:

Calvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 1aCalvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 1bCalvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 2aCalvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 2bCalvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 3aCalvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 3bSmart kid.

On a more serious note, another view of capitalism:


One final thought:

capitalsm (500 x 408) copy