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Thai Bangkok 4-14-09 x How Hwee Young-European Pressphoto Agency (500 x 328) How Hwee Young-European Pressphoto Agency

April 14, 2009

By Rady Ananda

NEWS DIGEST:  Seth Mydans and Thomas Fuller’s article is reprinted in several MSM newspapers today, variously titled.  Boston Globe boosted this headline:

Clashes turn fatal as unrest spreads in Bangkok 

113 injured as military vows to end ‘chaos’

“Soldiers armed with assault rifles fought running street battles with antigovernment protesters in Bangkok on Monday as unrest spread through a wider swath of the city, and the chief of Thailand’s armed forces vowed to use ‘every means to end the chaos.’

Two people were killed and more than 113 people were wounded in the clashes, according to hospital officials. Among the wounded were 23 security officers and other government personnel.

For more photos, see this New York Times collection: Thai Protests Turn Violent

For a more complete digest of the issues and players, see my April 11th piece, Thai Farmers & Youth Shut Down Southeast Asia Summit.