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no-monsanto-cropsApril 4, 2009

By Rady Ananda

This 29-minute film chronicles the disastrous consequences of GM food in India. The United States does not require GM food be labeled here. Seventy percent of US food is genetically modified. 

“Sejal” posted it on the web a few weeks ago, writing:

“‘Poison on the Platter’ is an eye-opening film, made by Mahesh Bhatt and Ajay Kanchan, illustrating how all of our lives are gonna be (adversely) affected by genetically modified foods. It is no more a farmer’s issue alone, it’s a matter of the consumers’ right to food safety.

“You and I wouldn’t even be able to separate/choose a normal Brinjal from/over a GM one, if Bt Brinjal – a GM crop produced by the mighty agri-MNC Monsanto – is let through by our corrupt regulatory body. Let’s put up strong resistance, demanding a ban on GM food/crops for 5 years, until they are proven safe for human consumption by independent, long-term studies.”
More info: http://www.iamnolabrat.com, www.indiagminfo.com, gmfreekarnataka.wordpress.com