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July 7, 2007

Rhyme of the times, fully sourced for high school students. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight;
It doesn’t matter if you’re early or late.
The teams have been picked; the lines have been drawn
You just need to choose which side you’re on.

They 1st seized control of White House grounds
When U.S. Supremes stopped the recount
They weren’t re-elected in two thousand-four
By then elections were sold to the techno-whores.

Freedom’s been yanked by a little black box
Computerized votes are liberty’s pox.
No one can prove they were elected today
Electron votes simply go away.

’Twas shock and awe to see the falling Towers
And even more – to watch Congress cower.
When they voted to put the Constitution aside
The Patriot Act is one more way democracy died.

They’ve already built the detention camps
To round up America’s dissident champs?
They’re fencing us in all along our rim
Freedom of movement’s looking pretty grim.

Next they wanna tag us with RFIDs
Remember your Bible and the Sign of the Beast?
If not your body, your passport will do
Driver’s licenses? Implanted, too.

Remember Katrina when the levies came down?
The Gov sat and watched while thousands drowned.
Now developers are turning a handsome profit –
Profits must be why they let it all slip.

They’ve sent our National Guard far overseas
And hired private firms for security
These yahoo men don’t have to pretend
It’s the wealthy elite they’re sworn to defend.

Directive 51 grants absolute power.
You bet they’ll invoke it in the final hour
Once they’ve engineered another ‘terrorist’ attack,
Or if Mother Nature provides enough flack.

And you know She will cuz global warming is real
The climate is changing; ice caps are the deal
If your home’s in the mountains, you just might survive
When the seas suddenly start their 80-foot rise

Corporate-sponsored Congress is in on the game
It’s why elections don’t matter – the choice is the same
Sure, Paul and Kucinich ring the liberty bell
While the majority in Congress follow profit’s smell.
They violate the laws and no one can stop them
Outing spies is forgiven by immoral, shameful pardons 
Resource wars are our legacy – from Cuba to the Middle East.
It’s left to the people now, to stop the corporate beast.

They’ve privatized every bit of space  
From air, land and water to the human race.
Oh yes, they own us now, with a slavery wage
While raising the salary of Congress at a faster pace.

They use public funds to build hospitals and stadiums
Then charge too much for poor people’s admission
Instead of schools and education, and freedom’s flag unfurled,
They’ve made our incarceration rate the highest in the world.

They know we can’t vote ’em out – elections are rigged
(People don’t vote for wars – they truly never did.)
Just wait for the crash of the real estate bubble
Then the middle classes will really be in trouble.

They’ll join the throngs of the ‘Great Unwashed’
And watch the American Dream be fully quashed
By the bankers and market fundamentalists.
What? Tell me – school didn’t teach you any of this?

That’s cuz they kept it a secret – until recent years
When hitmen confessed with shamefaced tears.
They tell us their truth, and hope we can comprehend
A Pedagogy of Freedom that now, we must defend.

Or not – at all; it’s up to each of us
The bottom line prevails unless we do more than fuss.
Or pay your taxes and support our foreign policy
You either choose to resist, or accept this tyranny.

It doesn’t matter if you’re white, brown, black or red;
It doesn’t matter what the newspapers have said.
The teams have been picked; the lines have been drawn
You just need to choose which side you’re on.