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Jan 29, 2007 Parody on the compromise hand-counted paper ballots (HCPB) advocates made, no longer demanding hand-counted paper ballots “now.”  Asks, where do we go from here? 

Original song by Les Reed and Geoff Stephens, and covered by several legendary singers.

1. There’s a kind of hush – all over the world, tonight 
All over the world machines have won the day – I’m kind of blown away. 

2. A se-cret vote – is all they will give – no joke. 
Inside a box – away from prying eyes – is where democracy dies. 


Remember what we learned so far – hand counts are the lowest bar 
of democracy – fair vote counts, I mean. 
When experts seize the vote from us, then experts rule and we must trust 
reported results. It’s such an insult. 

3. Since ’86, parallel votes – are done 
We poll the folks – it’s simple and fun – then tell the world who won. 

4. Not only this, observing the whole – process 
and videoing, it’s a lovely scene, it’s how we live our dream. 


When you accept their wizardry – You then cede your authority 
to their agenda; their propaganda. 
If cost and science fail to sway, what makes you think we’ll win the day 
inside their machine, with some audit scheme? 

5. Now they wanna discuss – clean money laws, with us, 
and which audit schemes for these vote machines, ignore HCPBs. 


But listen very carefully. Opti-scams and DREs 
are no substitute – to hand counts; it’s true. 
Opti-scams use software, too – audits then are simply used 
to hoodwink us all, so we’ll drop the ball. 

6. We all swarmed, at once – all over the world, as one. 
They pheromone-sprayed, took our queen away, left us dis-arrayed. 


So ma-ny in our swarm got sprayed – they’re all confused and walked away 
from their inner value – of hand counts; it’s true. 
Paper ball’ts are just one part, media reform is at the heart 
of democracy. Say no to machines. 

7. It was a nice few years, dissenting with you – big cheers. 
Dissenting out loud, we are strong and proud, what a joyous sound. 


So contemplate from where you are – tell me now, where is the star? 
I’m totally lost – elections are frauds. 
Where do we put our tal-ents now, when corporations won’t allow 
Hand counting the votes – as if we are dopes. 

8. There’s a kind of hush – Time to sit back, and think. 
Time to lay low, recover from our blow, think where we need to go. 


The profit-crazed hierarchy – crushes life and Earth’s beauty 
Their “civilized” scheme – is making us scream. 
All of life – near the crust – every species feels the thrust 
of cor-por-ate greed – we’ll all go extinct. 

9. Everyone’s marching, in step – all over the world, you bet 
All over the world, machines have won the day. I’m kinda blown away. 


I’ll join you in the good homeland, where life can reign and freedom stand. 
We’ll live very simply – eco-harmony 
Tell me now where we belong, this mass of folks who sing the song 
For self-ruling tribes, who won’t privatize. 

10. There’s a kind of hush, all over the world, tonite. 
All over the world and I’m feeling fine – some didn’t step in line.