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November 21, 2007

Another parody for use when singing protest songs in the streets, based on David Rovics’ new Pirate Radio Song, with link.

Parody by Mark E. Smith and Rady Ananda, Nov. 2007

(Pirate Radio Song by David Rovics, with much apology to him)    

This is how it started; it’s not hard to understand
From coast to coast they’re lying at a CEO’s command
From vendors to officials, all across the whole country,
They’re spewing fake results from their high-tech wizardry.

Signature counts in Franklin, missing votes in Florida
Rigging recounts on the lake – the Courts just let them off
San Diego learned the hard way that Congress picks the winners
And New York is in a battle to stop these Big Gov sinners 

Seize the precincts; Seize the polls
Counting votes in secret will never reach our goals
When it’s all owned by corporations, and theirs is the only word
We will seize the precincts – Count ballots and be heard

Someone got pens and paper, a popular defection
Then the idea spread – We’ll have our own election
Like the land and water, elections must be free
So let us shout together, “f*ck the EAC”


And we’ll do it all together, in a grassroots style
We’ll hand count the votes, all on election night 
It’s the new Town Meeting. It’s the way things ought to be.
The rulers call it chaos.  We say it’s democracy

So it comes election time and you’ve had it with this sh*t
Republicrats and Democans makes you want to have a fit
They’re all a bunch of liars and it’s all the same old game
Let’s have our own elections.  Ignite our freedom’s flame