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Jays Fundraiser 9-07August 8, 2007

James (Jay), 1981-2007

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

While walking toward a downtown ATM, on Monday at 1 AM (Aug. 6th), my 26 year old nephew was shot in the head by an unidentified assailant. 

The family will have him taken off life support at 4pm Pacific Time today.  A Memorial will be held this Friday at noon PST.   Your thoughts & prayers are appreciated as Cathy and Chris and Jay’s girlfriend, Sarah, negotiate thru these troubled waters. 

After serving a year in prison for some drug law violation, for the past year and a half Jay built a new life for himself, finding steady work and a steady love – Sarah.   Nearly 200 people showed up for the candlelight vigil.

I last remember Jay as a sweet 14 year old boy. My brother told me that he became a sweet 26-year-old man, and asked me to tell my friends to hug their kids, today. 


Jays Killers


Postscript:  These are the killers, all of whom were convicted. Two men and a woman went out that night “to kill someone.” They got the experience they wanted. They also got prison.