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Dibari obama_supporter-20081201By Rady Ananda

Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds is collecting political cartoons: 

“What do you think of political cartoons and their role today? Who is/are your favorite cartoonist(s)? Why? Also, if you can, share (provide the link) with all of us your favorite cartoon (only one cartoon, please!) related to the topics we’ve been discussing (MSM, Need for ‘Real Change,’ Campaign lies and ‘pre-selected’ candidates…).” 

So I’m posting these by one of my fave artists, Michael Dibari:
Dibari obama_supporter-20081201

Not my fave, but it relates to her topic.  Maybe this one is even better:


Dibari tag-team-match-20081209 (600 x 626)

This could go on… let’s talk about the billionaire bailout (while homeowners aren’t helped – thank you senate millionaires):

dibari pail-out (600 x 618)

That last one may not be quite on point, but it’s certainly on the minds of millions and millions of U.S. citizens.